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HBM has a passion for global mission works and promoting Christ throughout the world. With a background steeped in mission work and international travel, Hidden Bridge hopes to shrink the map so that churches based in the US can share in the successes and struggles of the global church.  We have produced international videos and series from around the world, including Italy, France and China, with plans and aspirations to do more…

Excellent Consultants

“I have been aligned with Hidden Bridge Media for several years now. To begin, they served as excellent consultants in planning a multiple-year project. Their insight proved invaluable, helpful and encouraging. Today, that project has become a reality and Hidden Bridge Media is right here, still with me.”

Dan Winkler

Tremendous Blessing

“It has been a joy to see the growth of Hidden Bridge from it’s beginning. The work that is being done through this great venture is a tremendous blessing to so many people. The Lewisville Church of Christ has been overjoyed with the work that Hidden Bridge has done for us. We are pleased to recommend them without any reservation.”

Jeff Jenkins


The Masterpiece Collection

There are some lessons that seem to be learned slowly or over a long period of time. Then there are the lessons that are simply timeless. We wanted to take a minute and invite you to our newest series - "The Masterpiece Collection" - a series that follows Dr. Terry...

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Technology 101

“Can you help us out? We have a massive problem. We just found out that our deacon passed away and he was the only one with the password to our website.” “We would like to build a new website for our church. Will $50 be enough to make that happen? That’s what we spent...

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