The Masterpiece Collection

There are some lessons that seem to be learned slowly or over a long period of time. Then there are the lessons that are simply timeless. We wanted to take a minute and invite you to our newest series - "The Masterpiece Collection" - a series that follows Dr. Terry...

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The Christian Refugee Documentary

Ok - so....we've never done this here goes nothing! Many of you may or may not know but I will be leading a trip to Athens, Greece this coming summer to work alongside refugees and Christian refugees. We will be conducting Bible studies, hosting 80...

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Technology 101

“Can you help us out? We have a massive problem. We just found out that our deacon passed away and he was the only one with the password to our website.” “We would like to build a new website for our church. Will $50 be enough to make that happen? That’s what we spent...

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